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Capture notes, actions and decisions with your voice

What is Smartnotation

Smartnotation is an easy to use, voice enabled meeting minutes solution.

Your notes, actions and decisions are easy to manage and your information is always available. Above all, it takes away unnecessary overhead allowing you and your team to focus on your core business.

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How does it work

Prepare meeting minutes with your voice and by keyboard. Once a note, an action or a decision has been agreed, just capture the highlights in Smartnotation.

On approval, your team members and external participants will be notified to review the minutes and follow-up on their actions.

Watch the video to get an impression of Smartnotation.

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What can it do for you

Smartnotation can be used by any company and organization in all industries to manage the meeting process. It is typically used to structure and to optimize. In the end it is all about saving valuable time and as a consequence, increasing productivity and getting to the next level.

In general, small companies and organizations use Smartnotation to structure their meeting and communication workflow.

Bigger companies and organizations use Smartnotation to optimize their meeting process. This often triggers the evaluation and optimalization of processes on the project management, business unit, company and even supply chain level.


Some of the benefits

Instant and easy to use

Minutes management

Personalized dashboard

Progress per note and action

Granular access rights

Anywhere, anytime, any device

Agenda management

Attendee management

Advanced filter and search options

Tracking and logging

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Smartnotation anticipates on a keyboard-less era, where the interactions between human and machines are streamlined and optimised to perfection. We believe in designing applications that make use of Artificial Intelligence concepts and technologies to maximise the user experience and effectiveness of the application.

Use speech recognition to manage your minutes

Read out to listen to your meeting minutes


Security by design

With Smartnotation you can access your meeting minutes from any location,
any time and in a reliable, consistent and secure manner.

Encryption and two-factor authentication

Strict access management

Granular authorization management

It is also possible to run Smartnotation in your own managed and secured environment.

Smartnotation for Microsoft Teams

With Smartnotation for Microsoft Teams, you can seamlessly share your Smartnotation meeting minutes content right from Microsoft Teams.

You can easily reference specific notes, actions and decisions within a Microsoft Teams conversation and access your meeting minutes without having to leave the Teams experience!

Increased Teamwork and Collaboration

Manage everything on one platform

Get Smartnotation for Microsoft Teams from AppSource.

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Our contribution: 50% Discount

To support all companies and remote-workers suffering from the Corana Crisis, we are giving a 50% discount on all Professional and Teams subscriptions. For new and existing customers, with promocode: .

The promocode is valid till June 1, 2020.
Work safely from home and organize your remote meetings with Smartnotation.


Choose a plan that
works for you

Start for free or purchase a subscription to collaborate with your team inside and outside your company.

The free version of Smartnotation contains almost all features and allows groups up to 5 users to collaborate and make meeting minutes. It allows you to get familiar with Smartnotation and experience how it helps you and your organization. Assign actions to your colleagues and keep track of your meetings. Ideal for small organisations and institutions.



$ 0

  • Free
  • Unlimited meeting minutes
  • Up to 200MB per user
  • Web and Mobile
  • FAQ and ticket support
  • Assign actions to team
  • up to 5 users

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The teams version of Smartnotation works as the Professional version with a few additional premium features such as uploading and transcribing audio, actions and decisions can be assigned to all team members. The members have their own Smartnotation account and can manage their notes, actions and decisions directly in Smartnotation. They can see all their actions as to-dos on their personal dashboard. If you want to extend your team, just add users to the subscription. You can expand your team per single user.




$ 9.50 / user 4.75

  • $ 104.50 $ 52.25 per user per year.
  • Unlimited meeting minutes
  • Up to 10GB per user
  • Web and Mobile
  • Premium support
  • Assign actions to team
  • Transcribe recorded meetings
  • 6 users and more

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The enterprise version is meant for companies with specific requirements in terms of integrations, inhouse hosting, additional support and even white labeling. Please contact us to discuss the various possibilities.



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  • Custom price
  • Unlimited meeting minutes
  • Unlimited storage
  • Web and Mobile
  • Premium support
  • Full admin control
  • Integrations

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Smartnotation for educational institutes

For educational institutes we have a discounted price of € 8.25 per user/year for a Smartnotation subscription.
Please contact us to confirm that the special price applies. We will provide you with a special token to use during registration.

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