The Smartnotation Vision

Smartnotation anticipates on a keyboard-less era, where the interactions between human and machines are streamlined and optimised to perfection. We believe in designing applications that make use of Artificial Intelligence concepts and technologies to maximise the user experience and effectiveness of the application. We are convinced that new technologies enable us to make life more comfortable and productive by saving time in everyday routine tasks. Taking meeting notes in the traditional way, is exactly such a task. That is why we designed and developed an application, that makes taking notes easy, and in a natural fashion allowing you and your team to focus on your core business.


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Convien Klatch

We are happy to announce that you can now easily use Smartnotation from within Klatch.

Android App Release

The SMART meeting minutes application is now also available in the Playstore.

Quick Notes

With Quick Notes you can now even faster add notes, actions and decisions.

Freeze and distribute

With Smartnotation you can easily freeze and distribute the meeting minutes.

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Smartnotation Team

The common denominator that formed this Smartnotation team was their frustration with ineffective meetings. With a passion for problem solving, IT background, entrepreneurial spirit, recognising when things can be "made better", they set out to make an application that would not only be very user-friendly, but also improve the efficiency of meetings and follow-ups.

The team has a diverse background, complementing each other in expertise to not only build the application, but also bring it to market successfully.

Ken is the initiator, putting the core team together and with his leadership skills plotting the path from idea to final product, setting the stage for this new company. Bas is the main IT architect, adding his expertise in AI and speech recognition to develop and improve Smartnotation. Tom does all the mobile development and is the creative thinker of new marketing ways to promote Smartnotation. Peter is a serial entrepreneur with a vast network and accountable for business development at Smartnotation.

Ken Ramroochsingh


Bas van Stein


Tom Groentjes

VP Mobile Dev.

Peter Sijmons

VP Business Dev.

Ken Ramroochsingh has been designing, developing and implementing software solutions in many different roles. Make life more comfortable by creating simple and smart applications using the latest technologies is one of his passions. In 2010 Ken co-founded Szienz, a software company in and for the Life Sciences and in 2016 he initiated Smartnotation.

Bas van Stein is an entrepreneur and researcher. Bas started his first company together with Tom Groentjes during his Master in Computer Science at the University of Leiden. He then continued to pursue a PhD title and started several other IT companies. As a co-founder of Smartnotation, Bas is responsible for the technical part as well as the research and development in Smartnotation.

Peter Sijmons is a serial entrepreneur with a background in biotechnology. He worked in different R&D capacities, is a founder of several biotech companies, launched europe’s first online flowershop at the dawn of the internet and is co-founder of Szienz for the development of a laboratory information management system. Smartnotation is the most recent participation.

Tom Groentjes is always looking for new opportunities. As a programmer, Tom is able to realize many of these opportunities. During his Master in Computer Science at the University of Leiden, Tom started his first company together with Bas, in which he develops websites and mobile apps. He is currently co-founder of Smartnotation and responsible for the development of the Smartnotation Mobile applications.



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