How to write effective meeting minutes

How do we have an effective and efficient meeting? And how should we write our meeting minutes in order to let it become the important communication artefact that it should be? How should we stimulate team members reading meeting minutes and - more important - timely follow up on their actions?

30 minutes free consultancy to broaden your insights in writing effective meeting minutes.

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Evaluate your meeting process

Double-check if your meeting process is efficient and effective by brainstorming with one of our meeting experts. We can propose simple quick wins which you could instantly use.

30 minutes free consultancy to broaden your insights in your meeting process.

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When the mindset is not aligned, the meeting will not be successful.


Life is a sequence of actions. Actions keep the process going.

Right to the point

The way meeting notes are taken and meeting minutes are prepared.


Living in the digital age the meeting minutes management process must be automated.


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